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One of the things that bothers me about a lot of DA2-hate is how so much of it is focused simply on the fact that it was different to DA:O. Like, the narrative structure, the lack of race selection, the single setting, the voiced protagonist, etc. One of the things I love about Dragon Age is that it’s not this monolithic homogenous franchise that releases the same game over and over again. I loved that they experimented with different narrative structures, that they gave themselves different constraints to work with. I love that the Dragon Age games are different to each other. If I wanted to play Origins again, I would just go ahead and do that.

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queenmisiu asked: There MIGHT still be bisexual characters but also straight only and gay/lesbian only. I'm upset -__- I dont mind the homosexual only relationships but I'm tired of straight only stuff. All bi characters worked better imo

Yeah I think I found an article where they talk about having characters with “one solid sexual orientation” (x) which I guess means they’re just not going to do what they did in da2 and leave it up to the player to interpret characters are bi/pan, straight, or gay for their own playthrough.

Which kind of assauges my worries a bit, because I’m assuming they’re still going to have bisexual characters who are just unambiguously bisexual, rather than potentially attracted to whatever gender the player is. BUT! At the same time, I liked that in da2 you could romance almost everyone no matter what gender Hawke was. I felt like that was a kind of acknowledgement that it’s a fantasy game, it doesn’t have to be “realisitc”. It can just cater to the escapism of the player.

I’m kind of side-eyeing a lot of the wording in that article (especially the “realisitc” comments, I have heard that argument used TOO MANY TIMES as a way of advocating reduced representation and bigotry in fiction) but I guess I’ll reserve my judgement on how well they deal with the romances until I’ve actually played the game.

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what’s this i’m reading about da:i not having bisexual romance options???? supposedly to be more “true to life”??? what??? i need to find a source for this because that doesn’t make any sense???????? like, i just wouldn’t have thought bioware would do that???????? it actually doesn’t make sense to me?????

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